New event:
Our second technical progress meeting took place on the 27th February 2013 at the University of Cambridge. All consortium partners were represented, and a total of 16 people attended the meeting.

After a presentation on the overall project status by the Project Coordinator (Brian Corbett) in the morning, each partner presented his contribution per work package, together with plans for the near future. All talks focused on either theoretical or experimental results and triggered vibrant discussions. Plans were made to tighten the cooperation between partners by a more efficient exchange of information and the sharing of access to state-of-the-art characterisation equipment. The official part of the meeting ended with a Dinner held at Selwyn College.

The next project meeting is scheduled for Thursday 6th June 2013 at Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE) in Dusseldorf.
Our kick-off-meeting took place on 8th October in the Tyndall National Institute in Cork with 18 representatives attending the meeting. A tour of Tyndall was organised for participants and covered a visit to the III-Nitride semiconductor epitaxy laboratory, the class 1000 clean-room dedicated to III-V materials and various characterisation laboratories.

The project status was reviewed, and several administrative issues such as the consortium agreement and financial management were dealt with. Short reports on technical progress were given followed by a discussion. The meeting was concluded with a dinner in one of the restaurants in the heart of Cork City.

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