Tyndall National Institute

The Tyndall National Institute in Cork, Ireland is a research organisation of over 400 researchers with core competencies in Photonics, Nanoelectronics and Micro-technologies. Tyndall’s goals are excellence in research through the training of PhD students (>100 PhD students). The photonics activities at Tyndall cover the “atoms to systems” spectrum include the fundamental theory of materials and devices, epitaxial growth, device design, fabrication and characterisation and system test. Tyndall has been researching GaN technologies and devices for the last 13 years and has complete technological facilities necessary for processing of advanced devices. A new growth facility for epitaxial growth of GaN structures has been completed. Extensive electrical and optical characterisation of devices can be performed. Tyndall has also expertise in modelling of materials and devices. Tyndall are coordinator for the ALIGHT and will perform simulation of electronic properties of AlGaInN materials (Prof. Eoin O’Reilly), Develop growth of AlGaN-InGaN materials and structures for yellow emission (Prof. Peter Parbrook) and fabricate and evaluate test structures (Brian Corbett)

Selected publications:

  • R. Charash, P. P. Maaskant, L. Lewis, C. McAleese, M. J. Kappers, C. J. Humphreys, and B. Corbett, “Carrier distribution in InGaN/GaN tricolor multiple quantum well light emitting diodes, Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 151103 (2009)
  • R. Charash, H. Kim-Chauveau, J-M. Lamy, M. Akther, P. P. Maaskant, E. Frayssinet, P. de Mierry, A. D. Dräger, J-Y. Duboz, A. Hangleiter, and B. Corbett, “Cleaved-facet violet laser diodes with lattice-matched Al0.82In0.18N/GaN multilayers as n-cladding”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 201112 (2011)
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  • J. Bai, Q.Wang, T. Wang, A.G. Cullis, P.J. Parbrook, P. J. ‘Optical and microstructural study of a single layer of InGaN quantum dots’. J. Appl. Phys 105, 2643 (2009)

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